Wordpress training in Jaipur

In the current market situation, there is an exponential increase in the number of websites that are being made through Wordpress. Wordpress has perhaps become the most favoured and commercial website building tool with approximately 15% of the websites on the internet are being made through wordpress.

Now, Wordpress is another content management system, just like Magento, joomla, that is based on advance level PHP used to create every type of website being it static, dynamic or an ecommerce website. It is preferred by both, the consumer as well as the developer, because it is well structured and is a fast, flexible, easy to use content management system. Huge changes on the website can be done by just pressing the update button. It can easily be said that wordpress is without a doubt the best content management system in the world. The functionality and working of wordpress is so easy that even a beginner can grasp it effortlessly.

ChhaviNext provides wordpress training in Jaipur so those who are aspiring to learn wordpress, can put a step forward in this direction and learn this easy to use content management system. The user interface of Wordpress is versatile, powerful, interactive and user friendly which makes it the most powerful and dynamic content management system in the world. Any kind of website can be created through Wordpress using its provided features and a few extra plug-in that are suitable for the upcoming website. Besides being so easy to use, wordpress is so robust and versatile in nature that a highly advance featured ecommerce website can be created using it.

The wordpress Classes by ChhaviNext are a valuable resource for students who have set their sight to become Wordpress developers in the coming future so they can develop and launch their wordpress websites professionally. Our course outlet helps the students to get familiar with this CMS thoroughly and also learn it properly through the certified CMS professional trainers.

The syllabus decided by our experts covers all the basic topics including setting up the website, installing Wordpress on the website, working with themes and widgets, setting up menus and uploading the site from local host to the live server. It also covers advanced level topics like theme development, extension development, hooks, activation code templates database security, etc. All of these topics are covered in our wordpress class. Our course also requires some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery, object oriented concepts of PHP and their functions, PHP and mySQL connectivity as some prerequisites to learn advance level programming in wordpress, of which the trainees will be given fully aided assistance.

At Chhavinext, we provide professional Wordpress training within Jaipur with personalised and individual attention to every student through continuous assessment and responses by our distinguished professional mentors with notable experience in this industry.

The training classes planned by our experts help the student to deal with the basics through theoretical sessions while the practical sessions involve doing hands on practice on Wordpress content management system. Thus, the quality of our course opens variety of career options for the trainees like wordpress development, theme development, wordpress programming, plug-in development, etc.

So get trained in wordpress by ChaaviNext Training Institute, Jaipur Rajashan and open a doors for a bright career.

Course duration:

6 months

Eligibility criteria:

The trainee must possess at least a minimum qualification of class 10th from a recognized board.

Class timings:

The classes will be held 6 days in a week between 8am to 8pm. There will be several batches of 1 ½ hours each.

Course content:

  • Wordpress introduction
  • Installing Wordpress
  • Configuring Wordpress
  • Managing widgets, themes, pages and posts
  • Creating menus
  • Inserting images and media
  • Installing and activating plug-ins
  • Using different plug-ins
  • Users in Wordpress
  • Theme development
  • Plug-in and widget development
  • Publishing