Photoshop training in Jaipur

With growing opportunities in the field of graphic designing, there has been a significant increment in the number of softwares and tools that are being developed for the same. But there is one software which is considered the heart and soul of graphic designing and that is Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is the very basic tool for graphic designer and other professionals in this industry. We can also say that it has become a prerequisite for the students who are learning graphic designing..

For both, experienced and fresher, Photoshop is considered as a desirable skill to get placed in graphic industry. Being image editing software that has been set as standard for this industry, most of the professional designers and photographers take advantage of this software to beautify their digital pictures. Hence, we might add to our notice that photoshop is set as a benchmark for the graphic designing applications to look up to.

Since adobe photoshop is such a useful software for graphic designers, the requirement for people skilled with photoshop in this industry has increased manifolds. Our aim at ChhaviNext is to give our trainees, the in-depth knowledge of adobe photoshop and also a sense of accomplishment to the future graphic designers. Through our photoshop training in Jaipur, we have been creating some of the finest graphic designers in this industry. Our course has been revised with time and again to follow the current industry standards that might come handy for our trainees at the time of securing placement.

All of the learning process is based upon building a creative mindset of the students by performing the operations on their own. Thus, learning the software by self achieving the given exercises. The course execution is also very well planned which aids the proper understanding of concepts and retention of knowledge that will be needed to be used in all sorts of jobs in the field of graphic designing.

The course is also aided by live project that requires working in the industry like environment to acquaint the students with the conditions and stress of real life working environment and better understanding. The syllabus of this course has been prepared in such a manner that it corresponds to the latest IT industry trends and also follows the concepts of advanced adobe photoshop course content, so the students can get job and career opportunities.

The application of our photoshop training coaches the trainees not only to edit photos, but also teaches them post processing techniques, which are used by professional photographers to manipulate their pictures. Our training is constructed in such a manner that it covers almost all the skills of photoshop that are relevantly used by bloggers, developers and digital marketing professionals.

At ChhaviNext, our motto is to offer our trainees the best knowledge, starting from the fundamentals to the advanced level training along with live project for better understanding and implementation of the concepts. Our course modules and sessions provide prime exposure to the students that aids in the conversion of inexperienced students into graphic designers. Students are made to cope up easily with all the concepts and all the tools of photoshop. Our certified experts monitor the performance of trainees on a regular basis and help the students to grow into sophisticated graphic designers. After joining web design classes you will not only be able to make marvellous responsive websites but also learn a lot from hands on live projects; as a part of industrial exposure module.

Get trained in photoshop by ChaaviNext Training Institute, Jaipur, Rajasthan and open the doors for a bright career in Graphic Designing.

Course duration:

6 months

Eligibility criteria:

The trainee must possess at least a minimum qualification of class 10th from a recognized board.

Class timings:

The classes will be held 6 days in a week between 8am to 8pm. There will be several batches of 1 ½ hours each.

Course content:

  • Introduction to photoshop
  • Using the Tool panel
  • Dark or light interface
  • Panning images
  • Working with tabbed documents
  • Working on documents
  • Image size and resolution
  • Cropping and straightening the image
  • Extending images
  • Adjusting luminance
  • Adjusting colour
  • Selections and masking
  • Basic retouch
  • Layers and brushes
  • Composting
  • Bridges
  • Shadows and highlight adjustment
  • Greyscale and noir