Chhavinext is one of the rising names among the top IT training institutes and is current owned and operated privately in pink city Jaipur. Being a prominent name in education and training industry, we certainly have a rich background in IT sector, providing high level knowledge on various subjects like web designing, graphic designing, content management system and digital marketing, with the main focus toward development of a sophisticated skill set. Through persistent efforts and over-the-bar successful results, our ventures in Jaipur are now becoming the talk of the town.

With the development of internet as a worldwide network, the IT industry is formulating surplus amount of jobs and money making tricks with each passing minute. As of now, the IT industry is an evergreen and ever-growing industry providing occupations, directly or indirectly, in both technical and non-technical fields. Apart from this, every livelihood is basically based on some application of the IT sector. Therefore, it opens a scope for infinite amount and a vast variety of jobs. As every business in the world is becoming online, the demand for more skilled and dedicated IT experts is increasing. Even within our Jaipur city, the number of companies that are being established is increasing exponentially. Every month, about 10-20 new IT companies in Jaipur gets registered with the government. Chhavinext provides you with the perfect platform to give you a real life exposure of the IT industry through various projects and activities so that you can learn to cope up with the working methodology and all kind of stresses involved in this field. With the ever-lasting support of our experts, all of this has been proved true. The trainers who will train you at Chhavinext are certified professional in this industry, who has worked under various multinational companies. They are willing to give you every drop of their gained knowledge, so you’ll feel privileged to be learning under their guidance.

Chhavinext is the hub of IT knowledge in Jaipur having standard bearing computer labs with computers equipped with recently updated softwares, so you don't have to work with out-dated and purpose less software. The classrooms have also been designed according to the latest infrastructure. Along with these facilities, our course syllabus has always been a gem in our crown. The syllabus decide for each of the courses is also well structured keeping in mind, the development of students in relevance to the specified course. Opting us as your mentors will help you to get ahead of the competition through in depth knowledge in every field of IT sector, plus the experts will also be available to clear your doubts regarding any issue and even the slightest of doubts will be cleared to the fullest. Moreover, there will be a continuous evaluation of the students to check the performance.

Our willpower to give this industry, some of the finest jewels remains our sole motto and every member of Chhavinext is dedicated to this goal. We have our eyes gazed upon the development of every single student into a talented, creative, dedicated and sophisticated IT professional and this is what gets us ahead of our competitors.